Vintage Butcher Block Line

Euroceppi Vintage Chopping Block is an excellent solution as exhibitor such as support for
historical slicers (like Berkel) or scales. Perfect for restaurants and shops furniture and also like
The Vintage Butcher Block takes up the ancient and wise techniques of manufacturing of wooden
butcher blocks. The tradition and experience which characterize Euroceppi are now visible in all
these extremely qualitative and top design products.
The Vintage Butcher Block is made by solid wood. It suffers dimensional changes caused by the
heat and moisture of the surround climate. Its advisable to place it away from heat sources such as
stoves, fireplaces or radiators. In case of stains , wipe with a damp cloth. DO NOT wash with
liquid, the wood could absorb them and be damaged permanently. The Vintage Butcher Block is
treated with natural oil, you can repeat the treatment several times. If the surface is worn after
frequent use, it can be sanded with a sanding belt.