Our products

Quality equipment for the hospitality industry and food distribution

  • Aluminium working table

    Aluminium working table

    The aluminium working tables are light, hygienic and can be disassembled.

  • Cleaning Products

    Cleaning Products

    A proper products maintenance grant a good use and an higher long lasting.

  • CNC Processing

    CNC Processing

    Our technical department responds to all customer needs by developing designs, plans and ideas.

  • Cover- Chopping Blocks

    Cover- Chopping Blocks

    Cover-chopping blocks are realised by polyethylene and are used as cover for wooden and polyethylene chopping block.

  • Eco-boards line

    Eco-boards line

    Patented polyethylene cutting board with removable surface.

  • Ecosponsor


    Ecocutting board is an innovative, economical and ecological solution

  • Laminated tools

    Laminated tools

    Laminated cutting boards, scoop and pizza dishes

  • Polyethylene Chopping Blocks

    Polyethylene Chopping Blocks

    Polyethylene chopping blocks are produced by polyethylene for food contact.

  • Polyethylene Cutting Boards

    Polyethylene Cutting Boards

    Polyethylene cutting boards are the most common cutting boards because they are handy and easy to clean.

  • Polyethylene pallet for food contact

    Polyethylene pallet for food contact

    Polyethylene pallet with stainless steels screws HACCP

  • Professional Tools

    Professional Tools

    Professional tools are the best accessory for kitchens, restaurants, cafeterias and butcheries.

  • Self Maintenance Products

    Self Maintenance Products

    These products allow maintenance completely autonomous.

  • Tables and Sterilizers

    Tables and Sterilizers

    Stainless steel tables are realised by electrically welded stainless steel AISI 304.

  • Vintage Butcher Block Line

    Vintage Butcher Block Line

    Euroceppi Vintage Chopping Block is an excellent solution as exhibitor such as support for
    historical slicers (like Berkel) or scales.

  • Wooden Butcher Blocks

    Wooden Butcher Blocks

    Wooden chopping blocks are produced by seasoned black locust wood.

  • Wooden Cutting Boards

    Wooden Cutting Boards

    Wooden cutting boards are produced by different kind of wood: Beech, Black Locust and Walnut.